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Exiles of the Somme

Adventures in post-WWI space

Exiles of the Somme is a roleplaying game set in the luminiferous aether. It takes place approximately 30 years after World War I in a solar system far across the galaxy from our own.

The least you should know:

  • 1887 — The discovery of the luminiferous aether
  • 1914 — The start of World War I
  • 1918 — Two fleets clash in a great aethership battle. This huge mass of metal triggers an aetherstorm which flings the ships across the galaxy.
  • YE 30 (Year of Exile) — the default time period of the game. Society has developed enough that trade networks and resource gathering have matured.
  • Aether — The aether is an expanse of gases between planets. Exposure to the aether can cause madness and even death.
  • Gravity — Objects are naturally attracted to the largest nearby body in aetherspace. On board a ship or asteroid, a person would feel normal affects of gravity as if they were on Earth. If a aethernaut were to caught in space without a ship, he or she would slowly drift to the largest planet or asteroid
  • Distance — The GM should assume that the distances between planets and other space objects are much shorter as the setting has no light-speed technology

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